Skylar Kylstra

Skylar Kylstra

Home Town Issaquah, WA, United States
Previous Education B.Sc. Global Resource Systems, University of British Columbia

Why did you apply for the Master of Land and Water Systems?

I am interested in climate change adaptation and mitigation, and I liked that this program is specific to training students to create and apply solutions to climate change, as it relates to land and water management. I recently have been interested in pursuing a future career in environmental policy and research, and I think that the MLWS program will compliment and enhance my opportunities in that field.

What are you most excited about learning in the MLWS program?

I am excited to gain experience working on a project that will hopefully make a difference in the community, and learn how to apply my scientific knowledge in a professional setting.

What are some of your favourite hobbies?

I love to play my violin, compose electronic music and I recently started learning to play bass guitar. As far as creative hobbies, I also like to paint and draw. Gardening is one of my favourite things and I like to grow food, cook and bake. Of course, I love to enjoy the natural beauty in Vancouver by hiking and going to the beach too.

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