Program Overview

Program Overview

Grow Your Professional Career in Just 12 Months!

With small class sizes and a focused 12-month professional graduate program, the Master of Land and Water Systems will provide you with the science-based skills and knowledge of natural resource systems to start or advance your professional career.

What the MLWS Program Offers

The MLWS degree is a 12-month program offered on a full-time basis, intended for working professionals looking to cultivate their careers in the environmental field.

Students begin in September and complete their program by the end of August of the following year. Thus, graduates return to the workforce after just 12 months!

The MLWS program includes 33 credits of coursework, with room to allow you to customize your degree with elective courses—a rare opportunity in a professional program.

In the summer term you will complete a “major project” (LWS 548) focused on a topic of your choosing that you’re passionate about.

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Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the MLWS program, graduates will have developed the following expertise to aid them in their professional careers.

Graduates will:

  1. Have the necessary background and analytical skills to address the issues related to land and water systems based on an understanding of the integration of the ecological, carbon (energy), hydrological and pedological cycles and the impacts of human activity.
  2. Obtain proficiency in developing analytical frameworks for the identification, articulation and analysis of land and water resource issues and concerns.
  3. Develop skills to develop, apply, evaluate, and adopt alternate practices through scenario frameworks.
  4. Develop professional communication skills.