Lingzhi Tan


Home Town Chongqing, China
Current Location Beijing, China
Previous Education Bsc Geographic Information Sciences, Beijing Normal University

Why did you apply for the Master of Land and Water Systems?

I am very concerned about food and environment problems. This program gives me a chance to learn both water and land problems. With the development of the technology, these two things will be more and more important. And my English teacher comes from Canada, so he tells me a lot of funny stories about Canada. That is why I chose MLWS for my Masters study.

What are you most excited about learning in the MLWS program?

I am excited to study with students who come from different countries.

What are some of your favourite hobbies?

I am fond of comics and animations such as Clannad, D gray-man. Also I am interested in reading novels such as science fictions. But I am a little shy when making new friends.