Watershed Assessment and Management

Ken Ashley

PhD – Rivers Institute, BCIT (North Vancouver, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Ecosystem level experimental limnology, habitat restoration, freshwater ecology of salmonids, climate change, environmental engineering, struvite (P)

Richard Boase

P.Geo – District of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Urban watershed restoration, urban rainwater management, urban invasive species management/control, urban pollution prevention, development impact assessment, natural hazards assessment & mitigation, local government environmental policy, urban tree management & policy

Potential student projects:

  • Urban Rainwater Management Policy with respect to Rainwater Harvesting & Re-use
  • Urban Tree Canopy Assessment & Watershed Restoration Benefit
  • Municipal Tree Protection Policy Evaluation
  • Invasive species management, mapping & control
  • Marine waterfront environmental protection policy evaluation
  • Climate change adaptation with respect to residential marine waterfront, riparian lands
  • Recreational land use policy with respect to human vs. nature balance, safety, liability
  • Urban wetland creation/restoration
  • Innovative use of social media & GIS for environmental sustainable outreach and education

Drew Brayshaw

P.Geo, PhD – Statlu Environmental Consulting Ltd. (Chilliwack, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Geotechnical hazards, hydrology, watershed management (forestry and private land), fluvial geomorphology

Potential student projects:

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Terrain Stability Assessment
  • Geotechnical Hazard Assessment
  • Watershed Assessment
  • Design Flood Estimation
  • Regional Statistical Hydrology

William Carr

RPF, PhD – CSQ Environmental Technologies (Surrey, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Impacts of resource development on watershed, erosion control and reclamation, development of energy crops, biomass energy technologies (power and drop-in fuels)

Brian Carson

P.Geo – Carson Land Resources Management Ltd. (Sunshine Coast, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Erosion and sedimentation, water quality, slope stability, quantity and timing of stream flows, watershed management

Potential student projects:

  • Impacts of forest road networks
  • Slope stability and surface erosion management
  • Geomorphology/soils on the Sunshine Coast (field trips)

Kindy Gosal

RPF – Columbia Basin Trust (Golden, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Trans-boundary water policy, community engagement, climate change adaptation, cumulative effects

Justin Straker

P.Ag – Integral Ecology Group Ltd. (Duncan, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Ecosystem reclamation and restoration, focused on mining disturbances; soil-vegetation influences on surface water fluxes; biomonitoring of air pollution and other environmental stressors; simulation modelling for assessment of cumulative land-use effects

Potential student projects: Various mine reclamation and simulation-modelling projects

Ted van der Gulik

P.Eng – Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC (Abbotsford, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Irrigation, drainage, water management, climate change

Potential student projects:

  • Assess improvements for irrigation management in nurseries (highest water demand of any crop in BC, mostly because of the difficulty in managing containers and irrigation systems)
  • Assess improvements in rainwater management by on-site residential green infrastructure (verify results for use in the Water Balance Model Express tool).
  • Assess reduced water consumption by comparing turf grown in proper top soil vs. poor soil conditions.
  • Determine an inexpensive cistern and irrigation management system using rainwater as the source of irrigation. Determine area that can be irrigated effectively and efficiently from water captured from an average city lot.