Soil Ecology and Remediation

Shannon Berch

P.Ag, PhD – BC Ministry of Environment (Victoria, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Soil biology, forest biomass sustainability, non-timber forest products, soil conservation, mycorrhizas, truffle cultivation

William Carr

RPF, PhD – CSQ Environmental Technologies (Surrey, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Impacts of resource development on watersheds, erosion control and reclamation, development of energy crops, biomass energy technologies (power and drop-in fuels)

Potential student project: Lafarge Coquitlam Gravel Pit Reclamation

William (Bill) Chapman

P.Ag, PhD – BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (Williams Lake, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Protection, preservation and improvement of soil productivity in extensively managed ecosystems, soil supressiveness in natural or extensively managed ecosystems, reclamation of highly disturbed areas using paedogenic principles, energy flow and food web characteristics of forested (and other) ecosystems (that pertain to inputs of woody or other vegetative debris), management of soil ecosystems to reduce disease and insect pest severity

Potential student projects:

  • Establishing hybrid poplar plantations in the interior of BC, including the possibility of under planting with ginseng
  • Cumulative effects of temporary access structure (temporary road) proliferation across BC
  • Fate of permanently deactivated roads with regard to erosion and water quality
  • …and more

Eva Gerencher

P.Ag – SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. (Vancouver, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Contaminated site investigations and remediation, soil quality assessments, brownfield rehabilitation, contaminant transport and fate

Bill Price

P.Ag, PhD – CanmetMINING, Natural Resources Canada (Smithers, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Mine reclamation and environmental protection, prediction and mitigation of mine drainage chemistry

Potential student projects:

Site-specific or larger-scale evaluation of:

  • One of the tools to predict or mitigate mine drainage chemistry
  • Criteria for successful reclamation of terrestrial and aquatic mine land forms
  • Changes on reclaimed mine land forms, such as soil genesis, and potential effects to future site performance
  • Performance of community advisory groups

Justin Straker

P.Ag – Integral Ecology Group Ltd. (Duncan, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Ecosystem reclamation and restoration, focused on mining disturbances; soil-vegetation influences on surface water fluxes; biomonitoring of air pollution and other environmental stressors; simulation modelling for assessment of cumulative land-use effects

Potential student projects: Various mine reclamation, ecological classification, and simulation-modelling projects

Eveline Wolterson

P.Ag, EP – EvEco Consultants Ltd. (Vancouver, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Soil chemistry and fertility, beneficial reuse of solid and liquid wastes, soil and water quality monitoring, land reclamation, baseline terrain / soil mapping and assessment in agriculture, forestry and mining, environmental impact assessment.

Potential student projects:

  • Land application of pulp residual in Peace River region
  • Spray irrigation of logyard runoff, water and soil quality assessment in 100 Mile House
  • Environmental impact assessment of using fly and bottom ash as a potential soil liming agent in Peace River region

Simon Zhao

P.Ag, PhD – SNC-Lavalin Environment & Water (Fort St. John, BC)

Areas of Professional Interest: Upstream remediation and reclamation, soil science, rangeland (grassland) ecology & management

Potential student projects:

  • Effects of Change in Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR) on Upstream Remediation Practice
  • Any projects related to soil science in general, soil physical/biological properties and ecology in particular
  • Any projects in grassland ecology and management