UBC Faculty

Master of Land and Water Systems Faculty

Dr. Les Lavkulich

Program Director
Professor Emeritus, Soil Science and Resource Management & Environmental Studies; P.Ag

Application of science to human welfare and policy development; land-use dynamics and the rural-urban landscape; soil chemistry and mineralogy

email: lml@mail.ubc.ca

Dr. Hans Schreier

Professor Emeritus, Resource Management & Environmental Studies and Soil Science

Integrated watershed management; land-water interactions; non-point source pollution and cumulative effects

email: hans.schreier@ubc.ca

Dr. Sandra Brown

Professor, Soil Science and Land, Water & Communities

Assessing water allocation in Latin America; role of soils in the terrestrial hydrological cycle; characterization of soil–water properties of Andean soils.

phone: 604–822–5965
email: sandra.brown@ubc.ca

Julie Wilson

Academic Coordinator, MLWS Program
Lecturer; P.Ag

Communications for natural resource professionals; urban watershed management; watershed cumulative effects assessment

Dr. Kelleen Wiseman

Lecturer, Food & Resource Economics

Economics of food quality; role of regulation in supporting health communication; food manufacturers’ response to consumer demand for healthier products.

phone: 604–822–9704
email: kelleen.wiseman@ubc.ca

Dr. T. Andrew Black

Professor, Biometeorology

Energy and water balance of forests; plant-water relations; terrestrial–atmosphere CO2 exchange

phone: 604–822–2730
email: andrew.black@ubc.ca

Dr. Maja Krzic

Associate Professor, Applied Biology/Forest and Conservation Sciences; P.Ag

Soil quality; application of information technology in soil science education; soil compaction in rangelands

email: maja.krzic@ubc.ca

Dr. Sean Smukler

Associate Professor, Applied Biology and Soil Science

Agricultural landscape ecology; biodiversity; ecosystem services; sustainable development

phone: 604–822–2795
email: sean.smukler@ubc.ca