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What can I do with my MLWS degree?

There is great demand in Canada and around the world for professionals who can understand and analyze the relationships between the resource sectors and the realities of human population growth, increased demand on land and water systems and the added uncertainty brought by climate change. This demand has been increasing due to the prevalence and complexity of issues related to land degradation, food and water security and the global concern of sustaining ecological biodiversity and services. Frustrations have been expressed by narrowly trained professionals in their abilities to address the dynamics of systems management issues and to acquire and apply the necessary scientific skills in a more integrated and holistic manner. Governments and private industry, both in developed and developing countries, need professionals with resource management skills and knowledge of institutions, policies and ecological constraints of the resource sectors. The MLWS degree is designed to meet the needs of resource practitioners in these sectors.
Potential Career Paths include:
  • Agricultural Representatives, Consultants and Specialists
  • Environmental Consultants for Natural Resource Development; Government
  • Urban and Land Use Planners
  • Utilities Managers (Director of Water Pollution Control, Director of Water Supply)
The MLWS degree complements existing (provincial) professional accreditation, such as:
The MLWS program allows students to gain credit towards accreditation in an existing professional organization (for instance, articling, PD or interning requirements) and does not propose any new professional accreditation. Source: Job Bank, Government of Canada

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Where are they now?

Many graduates of the MLWS program work as independent consultants in the environment and agriculture sectors. Visit our Alumni page to see what our graduates have been up to.  In addition, recent graduates have been employed by the following organizations:
Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC
BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum
BC Hydro

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