Fayo Oluwayemi


Home Town Ayedun, Kwara State, Nigeria
Previous Education Agriculture (Soil Science major), Landmark University, Kwara State, Nigeria

Why did you apply for the Master of Land and Water Systems?

For now, I am open to ideas and views about Land and Water Systems as a whole. At times I feel like I know what I want, regarding my career. However, other times I feel a bit unsure/uncertain. Basically, my career goal focuses on natural resources management/conservation, in terms of community-based agriculture, food and water sustainability. By studying in this program, I believe I will be open to experiences and experiments that will help to secure a sustainable global society. I also am interested in projects that contribute to cleaner air, water and better community planning.

What are you most excited about learning in the MLWS program?

I am most excited about learning the practical aspects of this program, particularly because I was majorly exposed to the theoretical aspects of my undergraduate coursework. I am just excited to experience how land and water are essential resources, particularly related to the community in terms of agriculture, food and water sustainability.

What are some of your favourite hobbies?

Music/singing, reading novels, writing/proofreading and skipping.